Air Curtain Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

At Air Door Distributors we get lots of questions regarding the application of air curtains for both commercial and residential properties. This is part two of our FAQ series, designed to help answer common questions and concerns people have about air curtains and air doors.

1. How do air curtains act as insect control?

As a restaurant owner, you know how disgusting flies are and what’s even worse is when your patrons know that too. They’ll want to just come in and then exit quickly. Many owners think of the easy way out and they just put up a … Continue Reading

Air Curtain Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

At Air Door Distributors we get lots of questions regarding the application of air curtains for both commercial and residential properties. We created this series to help answer some of these commonly asked questions. To learn more read on below.

1. Are air curtains loud?

We often get asked “Are air curtains loud and offensive?” That’s a two-part question because, or a two-part answer, because in order for insect control, you do have to move quite a bit of air. It’s just simple physics. You have a vector coming down and a fly coming this way, the vector down has … Continue Reading

How Your Home Can Benefit From A Residential Air Curtain

residential air curtain application

Air curtains are one of the hottest trends in home improvement. There are a number of benefits that air curtains have. Homeowners should be taking advantage of them and improving the value of your home as well as saving you money and headaches. It can be intimidating to even know where to start when looking for an air curtain. 

The experts at Air Door Distributors can walk you through exactly where you should install an air curtain in your home. They can also answer any questions about what type of air curtain you should use for your specific needs. 

It Continue Reading

IgCC & IECC Compliance with Air Curtains

igcc and iecc compliance with air curtains

The International Green Construction Code and the International Energy Conservation Code are two of the most important codes that architects and engineers follow when constructing a new commercial building. Following the codes and remaining on budget is becoming more difficult as the codes require more energy efficiency and green initiatives. 

Air curtains can help architects meet both the rigorous IGCC and IECC. There are a number of benefits that air curtains provide. From energy efficiency to cost savings, business owners can easily take advantage of air curtains. Air Door Distributors is well versed in both the IGCC and IECC. Reading Continue Reading

Air Curtain Effectiveness

air curtains theme park

There are many different measurements by which one can decide the effectiveness of an air curtain. Business owners end up purchasing air curtains for several different reasons depending on their issues and the industry they are operating in. An air curtain can be very effective for your business. One of the first questions you have to ask is which air curtain attribute are you trying to measure? 

Air Curtain’s Many Talents

There are many studies that showcase how effective air curtains are at a number of tasks. Air curtains are fantastic at controlling indoor temperatures, keeping out dust, saving energyContinue Reading

Beat the wind chill factor with air curtains

freezer department

The wind is truly a force of nature. Wind can power entire cities or completely destroy a city all in the same day. Wind chill is complex and there are many different formulas out there to try and calculate it. Taking the wind chill factor into account can help your business keep customers and employees happy. 

There are many different ways to try and combat the wind chill factor, but one of the most overlooked ways is utilizing an air curtain. Your business can gain advantages over competitors by taking advantage of an air curtain. Let’s go into why Continue Reading

Improve Customer Satisfaction with An Air Door

air doors can improve customer satisfaction

Organizations spend billions of dollars each year trying to improve customer satisfaction. Many of these initiatives are ill-advised and lead to little if any improvement in customer satisfaction. Customers can be difficult to figure out, but at the end of the day they are human just like the rest of us. Humans like to be comfortable in a business or retail center and one easy way to improve customer satisfaction is to improve the environment in and around your business.

People all over the world are influenced by their environment. Temperature is a huge part of that environment. Being able … Continue Reading

How Your Distribution Center Can Benefit from An Air Curtain

air curtain benefits for distribution centers

Distribution centers are very logistically complex and difficult operations. Not only do they have to worry about all of the freight trucks coming in and out of the facility, they have to completely control the indoor environment of the facility. That can be a nearly impossible task for larger distribution centers. For example, the largest warehouse in the world is the Boeing Everett Factory at over 4.3 million square feet. Attempting to keep this facility at optimal operating conditions is a huge ask.

Many facilities actually require a certain temperature limit for many of their products and services. Distribution centers … Continue Reading

How You Can Stay USDA and FDA Compliant with Air Curtains

stay fda and usda compliant with air curtains

Complying with the USDA and FDA is a tricky and constant process as there are so many regulations that a food establishment or business has to follow. Whether you are a greek, italian, or mexican restaurant, ensuring that your business stays in compliance is a must. The USDA and FDA have gotten more strict about flying insects as well as general sanitation in food establishments. Air curtains can help your business stay compliant with the latest regulations.

Restaurants should be especially interested in purchasing air curtains to keep their establishments free of flying insects. That sounds like an easy task, … Continue Reading

Air Curtains Can Help Eliminate Moisture Related Problems from Your Walk-In Freezer

air curtains can help eliminate moisture related problems from walk-in freezers

Slip and falls are the leading cause of worker compensation claims and they also are the primary cause of lost days from work. Most of the time these accidents are preventable. Air curtains are one of the best solutions to help prevent these accidents. Many business owners have walk-in freezers where water can build up on both the outside and inside of the freezer.

Walk-in freezers are a prime spot for slip and fall accidents due to the nature of moisture buildup. Your employee will be running in and out of the walk-in freezer and any amount of water could … Continue Reading