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The wind is truly a force of nature. Wind can power entire cities or completely destroy a city all in the same day. Wind chill is complex and there are many different formulas out there to try and calculate it. Taking the wind chill factor into account can help your business keep customers and employees happy. 

There are many different ways to try and combat the wind chill factor, but one of the most overlooked ways is utilizing an air curtain. Your business can gain advantages over competitors by taking advantage of an air curtain. Let’s go into why wind chill factor is even a problem in the first place. 

Wind Chill Factor

Wind chill can make the temperature feel much colder than what the thermometer says. Wind chill is the temperature when the wind is taken into account. There are three types of heat transfer: convection, radiation, and conduction. Wind is a convection current, which causes heat loss to any object or medium that it makes contact with. Just like when you blow on hot soup to cool it down, wind will cause the same effect to the temperature of your business. 

During the polar vortex that affected much of the United States, wind chill temperatures were as low as negative 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Those temperatures ended up killing some unfortunate souls who were caught out in the frigid temperatures. Your business will most likely not have to face such perils, but an air curtain could be the difference in keeping your business at a reasonable temperature.

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How Air Curtains Beat the Wind Chill Factor

An air curtain is installed above a door or opening to the outside. This perfectly positions the air curtain to maintain a more consistent temperature within your business. When the air curtain turns on it creates a current of air that shoots downward or at a slight angle. That will prevent the wind from entering any opening. The air curtain creates a barrier that will keep the temperature in your business more consistent. 

Air curtains can be heated as well, which would increase the efficiency of the device during the cold winter months. Many distribution centers that have massive openings for loading and unloading trucks utilize custom heated air curtains. Centers in countries like Canada and Norway need these air curtains to keep employees safe and happy as well as keep heating costs down. 

If your business has a greeter or anyone who works by a door that constantly opens and closes, an air curtain will give them more comfort than they could have ever imagined. They will be so grateful that you installed an air curtain and made their work life that much better. Their productivity and overall happiness will increase, which will have a positive impact on your customers as well. Customers can sense when an employee is happy and they will be that much more likely to work with your business. 

Benefits from Stopping the Wind Chill Factor

A study looked into the number one complaint that hotel guests had found that nearly one-fourth of guests complained about the temperature of their room. Now installing an air curtain in every room may be too costly for most hotels, but installing them in key areas could improve a guest’s experience. 

Customers will appreciate the fact that your business keeps the frigid winter winds at bay. Some businesses may even find that customers will go into their business just to get out of the cold. That could result in new customers that would have never stopped in your business in the first place. The warm air blast from your air curtain is very inviting when the wind chill factor drops below zero. 

Your business will save money as well. Keeping the cold air on the outside will allow your business to spend less on heating costs. During the cold winter months your business will not be hemorrhaging money on energy costs. You can sit back and enjoy your newfound energy efficiency.  

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