Improve Customer Satisfaction with An Air Door

air doors can improve customer satisfaction

Organizations spend billions of dollars each year trying to improve customer satisfaction. Many of these initiatives are ill-advised and lead to little if any improvement in customer satisfaction. Customers can be difficult to figure out, but at the end of the day they are human just like the rest of us. Humans like to be comfortable in a business or retail center and one easy way to improve customer satisfaction is to improve the environment in and around your business.

People all over the world are influenced by their environment. Temperature is a huge part of that environment. Being able to control the indoor temperature is a difficult, but necessary task for businesses to keep both employees and customers happy. No one on Earth wants to be shopping for a new pair of shoes while you are too cold or too hot.

There is a lot of scientific evidence that supports that both high and low temperatures can strongly influence a customer’s mood. Hot and uncomfortable temperatures actually lead to a more irritable customer that will be more prone to anger. An angry customer who is hot is going to be more likely to leave a negative review about their experience.

When temperatures are cold customers are less likely to cooperate and will not be as helpful as they could be. Customers will not let you know how their experience is going when they are cold and will not let you solve any problem they are currently experiencing. Temperature obviously plays a large part in customer satisfaction. How can businesses hope to control the indoor temperature with rising energy costs?

An incredibly simple solution that few businesses ever consider to improve customer satisfaction is installing an air door above entrance ways. Air doors create a steady flow of air that blasts downward, which completely covers the opening of the business. This will prevent the cold or hot air outside from coming inside. Air Door Distributors has air doors for every business. Whether you have a door that is 3 feet wide or 30 feet wide, Air Door Distributors has your business covered.

One of the best parts about air doors is the fact that you can leave front doors completely open during business hours. Customers are actually more likely to go into a business where the door is open. A potential customer could stop into a business that they have passed dozens of times because the door is open.

Moms with a bunch of kids will appreciate that they do not have to swing open a door in order to bring all of their kids into your business. That will improve customer satisfaction and could earn you a customer for life. There were also be fewer customers and employees running into each other, which could save your business countless dollars from a potential lawsuit.

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A car dealership could easily install air doors above garage entrances where customers take their cars in. For all car dealerships there are times of the year where it is nearly impossible to control the inside temperature of a dealership garage. HVAC systems are struggling to maintain a temperature that will be comfortable for both employees and customers. Thankfully, a series of air curtains installed above garage doors can make a huge difference in a car dealership.

This improvement will lead to a reduction in complaints from both employees and customers about the indoor temperature. A customer who is comfortable will be less likely to complain about their car repairs taking too long or costing too much. Your business will be more profitable as customers will walk out of the door feeling fantastic. An air door will save you money in the long-term as your HVAC system will not have to work as hard.

Not only will customers love the controlled temperature, but your employees will be thanking you as well. Employees that are not busy complaining about the temperature will be much happier. A happy employee will lead to better customer service, which in turn will lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Air doors can be customized to the exact specifications that your business needs. There are plenty of businesses who can utilize air doors and improve customer satisfaction.

All of these amazing benefits are realized with just a simple air door. Businesses can enjoy happier and more satisfied customers that will be more likely to keep coming back. Air Door Distributors can help your business improve customer satisfaction by recommending the perfect air door for your business. Contact us today at (866) 402-1642 or fill out our online contact form.

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