How Your Distribution Center Can Benefit from An Air Curtain

air curtain benefits for distribution centers

Distribution centers are very logistically complex and difficult operations. Not only do they have to worry about all of the freight trucks coming in and out of the facility, they have to completely control the indoor environment of the facility. That can be a nearly impossible task for larger distribution centers. For example, the largest warehouse in the world is the Boeing Everett Factory at over 4.3 million square feet. Attempting to keep this facility at optimal operating conditions is a huge ask.

Many facilities actually require a certain temperature limit for many of their products and services. Distribution centers in places that have extreme weather can struggle to ensure that their indoor temperature will stay within a certain range. There are other problems that distribution centers struggle with as well. Air curtains can solve many problems that distribution centers encounter on a daily basis.

There are a number of different air curtains that can be utilized in distribution centers. Deciding which air curtain is the right fit for your distribution center can be a confusing and tricky decision. Thankfully, Air Door Distributors has access to all of the necessary air curtains that a distribution center could possibly hope for.

Distribution centers will be able to control the number of flying insects that enter through all openings by utilizing air curtains. This is particularly important for food distribution centers that are regulated to ensure that their facilities remain clean. Keeping flies out of a food distribution center will help them remain FDA and USDA compliant.

There is an incredibly large distribution center in Oslo, Norway that has 75 different loading docks. Understandably, the distribution center gets incredibly cold during the winter months and the center struggles to stay at a reasonable temperature during operation. Most businesses employ an unheated air curtain because it usually meets most of their needs. This distribution center could use water, electric, or gas-powered air curtain in order to keep the freezing cold air outside of the facility.

The distribution center opted to use a water heated air curtain in order to protect the loading docks. The air curtains will allow the distribution center to keep the temperature moderate even in the dead of winter. The distribution center is looking to use only renewable energy by 2025, which is a more realistic goal with air curtains installed. Air curtains will lower the amount of energy that the facility will have to spend on heating.

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Your distribution center could reap similar benefits from utilizing an air curtain. Temperature and airborne insect control are just two of the problems that distribution centers suffer from. Accidents cost distribution centers millions of dollars in productivity, materials lost, and employees hurt. Most accidents occur in distribution centers from docks, forklifts, conveyors, materials storage, and manual lifting and handling.

Another benefit of utilizing an air curtain is that it can cut down on obstructions in doorways and entranceways. In distribution centers there are large amounts of products and people constantly going in and out. Accidents happen constantly as it is simply a numbers game. If there are enough things going in and out then accidents are bound to happen even with the best systems in place.

If there is a lot of traffic through a doorway a strip curtain or high speed door will simply not cut it. Air curtains are a great way to remove the obstructions and open up the field of vision. There will be less accidents as employees will be able to see each other before they collide. The best part is that there are no doors to open and the path can remain free of obstruction.

Even if the path remains completely open the temperature of the facility will not be compromised. The air curtain will ensure that the cold or hot air will remain separated. Air curtains really can solve all of these problems and improve the efficiency of distribution centers.

There are certain air curtains that actually shoot out dry air, which prevents condensation and ice formation. This is extremely useful in distribution centers with large freezer areas. Employee accidents will decrease dramatically as they will not be slipping and falling all the time. Employees will also not have to clean ice out of freezers as much as the buildup will drastically decrease.

Air curtains are an incredibly valuable tool for distribution centers and warehouses of all types. The benefits are as clear as the air that blows out of an air curtain. Air Door Distributors has all of the air curtains and can guide distribution centers to the proper air curtain for their application. Contact us today at (866) 402-1642 or fill out our online contact form for help with all your air curtain needs.

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