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Big Energy Savings For Your Restaurant with Air Curtains

Big Energy Savings For Your Restaurant with Air Curtains

How air curtains can help save your restaurant money

air curtains can hep your restaurant save on energy costsRunning a restaurant is a costly business and, no matter what your business may be, all will businesses will benefit from finding ways to save on energy costs. Restaurants face a great deal of turnover with dining patrons constantly entering and exiting the building creating a constant, unstoppable transfer of air. To put an end to this transfer or unwanted air, consider the use and installation of an air curtain for your restaurant.

How will an air curtain save my restaurant on energy?

It’s the age-old battle of ‘don’t let the cold air in’, versus ‘we aren’t air conditioning the outside’, and air curtains are designed to end the battle once and for all. Air curtains are designed to release a strong, engineered stream of uninterrupted air from the threshold of a door, down to the ground. This air stream prevents the desired indoor air from mixing or escaping and the intrusive, outside air from entering.

Normally, when outside air finds its way inside, it fights with the indoor air to equalize, forcing your air conditioning or heating system to run on overdrive. By installing an air curtain at the threshold of your door, you are preventing the mixture of air, thus leaving your air and heating units to do a minimal work as possible leading to a greater savings of energy usage and costs.

As business owners, it is important to protect your space. The way a customer feels when entering your establishment will help them decide if they will come back or not.

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Did you know?

Many business owners are often turned off by the idea of an intrusive and noisy air curtain, but did you know that there are many options available when it comes to air curtains that are specifically designed for restaurants and other businesses that may seek a less intrusive design? Air Door Distributors works with several manufacturers that have created air curtains which can fit the specific and common desires of a restaurant.

A low-profile air curtain offers restaurant owners an option for a sleek and unobtrusive design. These units often go unnoticed thanks to their unique design and placement. Low-profile units are often much quieter and smaller than what many would think of when considering air curtains and fit well in environments where ambiance is of concern.

There is also the option of going with a recessed air curtain. A recessed air curtain will serve all of the same functions of a traditional air curtain; however these units are placed into the drop ceiling above a door or threshold, allowing them to be nearly completely hidden.

Benefits of an Air Curtain for Your Restaurant

  • Temperature Control. The ability to control and maintain the indoor temperature of your restaurant should not be solely reliant on the use of an air conditioning and heating system, but also on the need to keep the undesired air from encroaching. By installing an air curtain, the undesired temperatures will remain exactly where Mother Nature intends them to be, leaving your space in your control. In addition to protecting indoor air temperatures, air curtains are often used to keep flying insects and dust from coming in.
  • Earn Leadership in Engineering and Design (LEED) Credits. The ability to earn LEED credits is a desire for many businesses and restaurants are no different. According the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), “because air curtains help to contain heated or conditioned air, when the door is open, they provide sizeable energy savings while protecting indoor air comfort,” the addition of an air curtain in your restaurant may quality it to earn credits.
  • Offers Comfort to Restaurant Patrons and Employees. Have you ever sat down to a nice dinner and been forced to wear your jacket throughout just to remain comfortable? Installing an air curtain in your restaurant will help your customers from having to do just that.

Adding an air curtain can offer many benefits to your restaurant and will help lead to greater energy savings all the while setting a more comfortable and inviting environment for your employees and customers.

Are you looking for ways to increase your energy savings or improve your restaurant environment? The use of an air curtain is ideal in achieving those goals and the experts at Air Door Distributors are ready to assist you in determining the appropriate air curtain for your specific business and needs. Call today at 866-402-1642 or fill our contact form.

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