Non-Recirculating vs Recirculating Air Curtains

Air curtains are used for a variety of purposes including thermal isolation and contaminant control between two open areas. They create an invisible barrier that allows vehicle and pedestrian traffic to move easily between two areas.

There are two main types of air curtain design; recirculating and non-recirculating. They operate differently, but are designed to achieve the same goal. Both designs propel air downward toward the floor at an optimal angle that will accomplish the desired objective of separating two areas of differing temperatures and controlling the direction of air flow.

Non-recirculating air curtains are the most commonly used systems. … Continue Reading

How Air Curtains can help improve your company’s work performance

air curtains can help improve your company work performance

Organizations are always looking for that edge over their competition. Too often they look for a consultant to tell them how to improve their processes in order to gain more market share. 

Air curtains are much cheaper than consultants and their effects will last for years to come, all the while improving your organization’s work performance. 

You may be aware of the energy savings that air curtains can provide for you. However, that is not all they are good for. There are a number of incredible uses and benefits that air curtains produce. Air Door Distributors has one of the … Continue Reading

Certified Air Curtains and the Building Codes they Meet

certified air curtains and the building codes they meet

When it comes to air curtains, everyone has the same desire: for the air curtain to work as intended. Luckily, there has been momentum in the air curtain industry to highlight air curtains that are certified. Certification means that the air curtain does exactly what it says it does. This can be extremely comforting to a new purchaser of an air curtain. 

Deciding whether or not your air curtain needs to be certified largely depends on the end application of your air curtain. If you have a small space, checking for a certification may not be worth it to you. … Continue Reading

How to Properly Mount Air Curtains

how to properly mount air curtains

The most difficult part of installing an air curtain is mounting them. Getting it perfectly aligned and accurate is a struggle for many first-time installers. If you make a mistake it can be nearly impossible –– not to mention very costly –– to fix. In fact, you could end up destroying the very doorway that you are attempting to improve. Air Door Distributors understands all of the proper mounting methods and can recommend the most effective method for you and your business.

Human beings are by nature creative engineers that find solutions to the problems presented to them. There is … Continue Reading

Air Curtain Troubleshooting

air curtain troubleshooting

Regardless of the manufacturer or model of air curtain or door you purchase, there may be a time down the road when certain functions don’t work as expected. Discussed here are some of the common questions you may have about your air curtain if something appears to be wrong. Remember, the experts at Air Door Distributors are always just a phone call away to steer you in the right direction. 

What could the cause be if air leaving the nozzle does not seem to have too much velocity?

There are a number of possibilities that could cause what seems to … Continue Reading

An Air Curtain You Won’t Hear: The Quiet Pro Series

In customer-facing businesses, the patron’s experience is paramount. From the moment they walk through the door, business owners want to ensure that the impression provided by the company is one that is hospitable and inviting — otherwise, they’re less likely to walk back out having made a purchase. As a result, a great deal of time, energy, and money goes into efforts that seek to provide customers with a perfect experience that does not distract or bother them. Scrutinizing changes to the business under this lens is not uncommon.

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Choosing the Right Brackets for Your Air Curtain

Choosing the right air curtain for your business is already a difficult decision. After all, there are a ton of different factors to take into consideration. One key factor is the brackets that will hold your air curtain up. Brackets will ensure that your air curtain remains stable and steady during operation for years to come.

It may seem like a simple task to choose the right brackets. However, there are several different bracket options available to air curtain owners that fit a variety of different applications. It can quickly overwhelm a business owner and leave them with a bunch … Continue Reading

The Go-To Air Curtain Solution: The Lo-Pro Series

In business, the right tools make all the difference when it comes to driving towards success. Some of those tools are organizational, while others are more tangible — like the way you outfit your building to maximize its usefulness and efficiency. Keeping your building efficient is one area where specialized hardware such as air curtains can prove immensely useful — particularly for structures that may otherwise need to rely on vestibules for maintaining environmental separation and improving energy efficiency. With the right air curtains, the benefits are easy to unlock for businesses from warehouses to restaurants and even organizations including … Continue Reading

Air Curtain Installation

Installing an air curtain all by yourself can be a daunting task. There are a lot of uncertainties that first-time installers encounter. If not done correctly, installing an air curtain can result in long-term problems and inefficient performance. Luckily, we are here to take you step-by-step through the installation process. Air Door Distributors offers operating and installation manuals for every air curtain model they carry on their website.

The first step is always to remove the air curtain from its packaging. Inspect it to ensure that there was no damage incurred during the shipping process. If you notice any damage, … Continue Reading

Air Curtain Maintenance

air curtain maintenance

What is an air curtain? Have you ever walked into a commercial building, heard the sound of whirling air, and felt a burst of wind rush across your body as you pass through the doorway? You’re most likely experiencing the effects of an air curtain. If you look closely overhead, you’re likely to see the air curtain unit, but it’s output is invisible. Like a physical door, it isolates different temperature zones and keeps out unwanted contaminants; unlike a door, it doesn’t restrict vehicle or human traffic, or require manual effort to pass through.

Air curtains have many benefits, including … Continue Reading