Air Curtain Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

At Air Door Distributors we get lots of questions regarding the application of air curtains for both commercial and residential properties. We created this series to help answer some of these commonly asked questions. To learn more read on below.

1. Are air curtains loud?

We often get asked “Are air curtains loud and offensive?” That’s a two-part question because, or a two-part answer, because in order for insect control, you do have to move quite a bit of air. It’s just simple physics. You have a vector coming down and a fly coming this way, the vector down has to be stronger than the fly to deflect it away. So in the case of insect control, there is a perception that air curtains are loud, but typically they can be mounted outside, usually back at a kitchen door near a dumpster. So noise is not really a concern. But if the air curtain is being used for temperature separation, we can go with a low-profile unit that is extremely quiet and a gentle flow of air, and it will not mess up your hair as you’re coming through the door. Looking for the quietest solution possible? The Quiet Pro Series (QP10) comes in both unheated and heated options.

Want to learn more about the noise level of air curtains? Check out this article.

2. Vestibules vs Air Curtains?

People frequently come to us with questions and concerns on how to meet current energy codes. One of the biggest energy codes that you’d have to look up in your own state is the IECC code for vestibules. Now states are adopting businesses to have full-on vestibules that could cost you between $25,000 or upwards to $50,000. A vestibule is an interlocking system between two doors that help keep the mixing of indoor air from outdoor air. While an air curtain meets those codes and exceeds them, they’re actually more efficient and would cost you a fraction of that between a thousand dollars and $5,000 depending on what configuration you get. Overall, air curtains are a much better plan for your business to save you energy and time and not waste extra space that you may need in either your restaurant or your office with a big vestibule. Read more about why air curtains are a better solution than vestibules.

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3. Can air curtains be used for residential purposes?

Many of you know air curtains and air doors are used for commercial buildings such as restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, et cetera. But did you know air curtains are used for residential? You may ask how or why. Many of us have beautiful backyards pools and decks that have access through either a patio door or a sliding glass door. By using an air curtain, you can stop those pesky flies, mosquitoes, gnats from coming inside, but also separating indoor air from outdoor air. So in other words, you can leave your patio doors open, run your air conditioning, and save all that money because all that AC is not going outside and you’re keeping the insects out. So call us today so you can get personalized service and we can pick the right unit for your application.

4. I don’t like the look of air curtains? What is the best solution for my business?

One of our biggest questions is they don’t like the look of an air curtain. And most of the time we can blend colors to the theme of the restaurant or building. But there are units out there that actually fit up into a cavity above the ceiling, which is called the recessed curtain. So you actually get all the wonderful benefits on air curtain, but you never see it.

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