Air Curtain Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

At Air Door Distributors we get lots of questions regarding the application of air curtains for both commercial and residential properties. This is part two of our FAQ series, designed to help answer common questions and concerns people have about air curtains and air doors.

1. How do air curtains act as insect control?

As a restaurant owner, you know how disgusting flies are and what’s even worse is when your patrons know that too. They’ll want to just come in and then exit quickly. Many owners think of the easy way out and they just put up a nice sconce that has a light in it to actually attract flies to get caught on the glue board. That’s great, but an air curtain on the back door or a patio door or even on your front door and drive up window is going to stop flies coming in in the first place. Why would you want to attract flies to come in your place and hope they find a way out on that light board? What you want to do is you want to stop them from coming in the first place. Air curtains are a wonderful benefit to any business. Not only is it going to stop insects coming in, but it’s going to provide temperature separation and you’ll end up spending less on your energy heating and cooling costs.

Here’s why you need to prevent flying insects from residing in your restaurant.

2. How can air curtains help in warehouses?

Say you have a loading dock area that is 20 feet wide by 30 feet high. A lot of people ask whether they should go with an unheated unit or a heated unit. My answer is always are there employees working in and around that area? If there are, you want to invest in your employees and get a heated unit. A heated unit is going to provide a secondary heat source so that your employees are comfortable and warm. And when you treat your employees well, they outperform for you and give back to you.

The negative part of an air curtain on an unheated side is when that airflow comes down, you’re moving air. And when you move air across your skin, it’s called the wind show effect. So although you’re getting the wonderful benefits of an air curtain separating indoor air from outdoor air, you might be actually making your employees cold. So what you want to do is you want to consider putting a little bit of heat in that air curtain so you’re providing a secondary heat source for the employees.

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3. How can air curtains help restaurants with draft control?

As a restaurant owner, many of you have experienced this, where you’re in a cold climate, it’s the dead of winter, and when that front door opens cold drafts of air come in. A lot of restaurant owners, that front door opens right into the dining room and you’ve got a nice table right by that door. Many times your patrons don’t want to sit at that table, they want to be moved back so they don’t feel those cold drafts coming in. To make more money for you, not only is an air curtain beneficial to your business for energy savings, but it also provides a secondary heat source at that door. Where you can sit your clients in front of that table, they’re not going to be experiencing cold drafts, and you can turn that table more and make more money for yourself.

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