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The Science Behind Air Curtains | Air Door Technology

The Science Behind Air Curtains

air curtain science - the science behind air curtainsAir curtains are increasingly a common sight in buildings across the nation. From the front door of a restaurant to the loading dock of a warehouse, air curtains exhibit a versatility that allows them to provide useful climate control maintenance. They do it all with the power of the air flow they produce alone, a flow that’s strong enough to keep flying insects and airborne particles at bay.

Are you wondering if an air curtain installation is right for your business? Understanding the science behind air curtains will help you determine if this all-in-one insect repellent and climate control option will solve some of your business’s biggest headaches.

The basics of air curtain science

Before considering the principles at work, it’s important to understand how air curtains in general operate. Most air curtains are very simple in concept, which also makes them easy to maintain. Connected with a sensor to the door they’re meant to cover, the fans inside the curtain switch on when someone enters or exits. These fans rapidly draw in air through the intakes, pass it through a filter, and force the air in a coherent stream downward toward the floor in front of the open door.

Air curtains feature adjustable output nozzles so you get the best coverage possible. Why does that matter? This is where the physics of the actual “air curtain” come into play.

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How air curtains trap air where it needs to stay

Consider a walk-in freezer. The temperature difference on either side of the door is immense. When you open the door, hot air easily slips in while cold air rushes out the bottom. The result is a substantial imbalance that impacts HVAC costs in both areas. Now, place an air curtain over the same door, and you will soon realize that very little air escapes in either direction. Why?

As the air from the nozzles is forced downward at a controlled speed, it creates an invisible wall that separates the two temperature zones. Because of the force involved in expelling the air, it flows in the same direction until it hits the floor, where the stream splits. As a result, no air can smoothly flow in or out of the freezer. More than three-quarters of the air expelled flows back into the intake space, keeping the disruption on the other side limited to a minimal area.

It is a simple concept overall, but the complex physical properties of the air these devices put out can provide many perks. From improving comfort near the front door of your establishment to lending stability to your heating and cooling costs, this technology is suitably adaptable practically any business. For an in-depth discussion of the scientific processes at play in air curtain operation, or to inquire about getting one for your business, please get in touch with us at your convenience.

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