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Flies Driving You Up the Wall? Consider an Air Curtain Solution | Air Door

Flies Driving You Up the Wall? Consider an Air Curtain Solution

consider an air curtain solution to your fly problemsFew things are as instantly repulsive as the sight of flies buzzing around the inside of a business. That’s why many go to great lengths to ensure these pests do not make it into the building, especially in food service locations where the sight of flies can drive away customers and repel employees. It’s not always as easy as it sounds based on the range of methods flies use to make their way inside. Most commonly, staff entering and exiting the back doors of the restaurant, often to dispose of garbage, create the most significant opportunities for flies to get inside.

Have you faced a consistent issue with flying insects that you can’t seem to eliminate? Installing an air curtain over your doors could finally solve the problem.

An invisible barrier flies can’t penetrate

Why an air curtain and not another solution, like a screen door or hanging plastic sheets? Neither of those options provides a guarantee flying insects won’t be able to get past the barrier they provide. Doors still need to be opened, and hanging protection impedes movement without delivering much deterrent. An air curtain cuts down on flies by using their environment against them—no pesticides required!

The erratic in-flight movements flies make show how quickly the wind buffets them and throws them off course. An air curtain delivers a high-powered jet of air straight forward, splitting the interior and the exterior of the building. People can easily walk through it, but a fly that attempts to cross the threshold will find itself blown back away from the door. The same goes for other small flying bugs such as mosquitoes. Because the curtain activates as soon as the door opens and shuts off when it’s closed, there’s never a moment when flies can sneak in and colonize your clean spaces.

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Air curtains do more than stop flying insects

Solving the problem of flies in your building is simple with one of these devices. Air curtains can also provide benefits not just for your staff in the back but also for patrons or visitors out front. Air curtains powerfully keep cold air indoors. In the height of the summer, you’ve already paid to cool the air inside once. Why pay over and over again as that cool air zips out of your doors? Save money and satisfy customers at the same time by using an air curtain to curtail both flies and the seasonal loss of hot and cold air.

Maintain an environment in your food service establishment that promotes cleanliness and comfort. With the benefits air curtains bring, including their ability to control flying insects, restaurant owners can solve multiple problems at once. At Air Door Distributors, extensive industry experience informs our ability to guide clients through the selection process to choose the ideal unit for installation on their premises. To find out more about applications for air curtains in your building or to begin the purchasing process, reach out to us now.

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