How Air Curtains can help improve your company’s work performance

air curtains can help improve your company work performance

Organizations are always looking for that edge over their competition. Too often they look for a consultant to tell them how to improve their processes in order to gain more market share. 

Air curtains are much cheaper than consultants and their effects will last for years to come, all the while improving your organization’s work performance. 

You may be aware of the energy savings that air curtains can provide for you. However, that is not all they are good for. There are a number of incredible uses and benefits that air curtains produce. Air Door Distributors has one of the widest offerings of air curtains that will suit any business’ needs.

Air curtains keep the temperature in your workplace stable. The air curtain blocks both hot and cold air from entering the building. Your air curtain will work in all seasons; this will lead to a more consistent temperature inside of your building. Employees will stop complaining about the temperature and will be able to dress correctly for the workplace. Not to mention they will certainly be more comfortable. A more comfortable workforce means they will be both happier and more productive. Not to mention, an air curtain will lower the toll on your overall heating and cooling system. 

The benefits of air curtains don’t end there. Everyone hates those annoying insects that always seem to find a way inside your building. Insects can bother customers and employees alike. If there are too many insects in your building, you may find that customers are simply not returning –– or worse, that you have an unexpected visit from the health inspector. 

Stopping the insects from entering your building will also lead to improved employee performance. The air curtain prevents bothersome insects from getting inside your building by pushing them out with a strong flow of air. Instead of swatting away flies, employees will be more concentrated and happier during their work days. 

Keeping potentially toxic fumes out of the building is another added benefit of air curtains. The constant air flow will prevent any gasses or fumes from entering the building. This will lead to an overall safer environment for employees and customers alike.  There has been research into air curtains as a barrier to both fumes and fire. Air curtains can in fact play a vital role in fighting future fires and smoke in a building –– and thus potentially save lives. 

In the case of an evacuation, an air curtain can potentially save the lives of your employees. An air curtain allows doors to stay open during business hours. During an emergency, any barrier to an exit could be a dangerous obstacle for the person who is trying to escape. The open door will allow the evacuees to flow seamlessly through the doorway without a door holding them up.

Another benefit an open door offers is that customers will be able to easily access your business. People with handicaps, parents with strollers, and other guests struggling with accessibility will be able to access your business, whereas otherwise they would have struggled to open the door. Not to mention, an open door is much more inviting than a closed door. Potential customers who have walked past your business multiple times may stop in because there is an open door.

The practicalities of air curtains continuously provide safety benefits. People slip and fall at work constantly; it is one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace. An interesting feature that is often overlooked regarding air curtains are their drying abilities. In a workspace where there is a cold area next to a hot one –– such as a freezer being next to a kitchen –– condensation is likely to appear in the entrance. A properly fitted air curtain can reduce or eliminate condensation in the doorway. This will lead to fewer workplace accidents and employees that are happier with their work environment.

Automated doors can be another potential hazard for employees and customers alike. There have been numerous injuries that could have easily been avoided if the business had decided to install an air curtain. The improved visibility will decrease the number of collisions that occur when employees are rushing in and out of doorways. Employees will also not collide with the door since it will be open. 

Spending the few hundred or thousand dollars on an air curtain is certainly worth it for many businesses. Air curtain owners will enjoy a plethora of hidden benefits they had not considered when they purchased the product. Air Door Distributors has over 20 years of experience in the air curtain industry, we pride ourselves on offering the best brands possible. Contact us at 866-402-1642 or by filling out our online contact form to find the perfect air curtain for you and your business.

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