Temperature Maintenance Capacity Of Cool Air Curtains

When Air Curtains are first introduced in the market, their uses are not so common and completely unfamiliar by the manufacturer to use it reliably.  By the passes of times, air door curtains become a popular choice of most of the industries either it is small or a big one. They are widely accepted by all minor and major organizations to maintain good hygienic conditions, eliminate dust, insects, and bugs and to cut energy expenses in their working place. Nowadays, these curtains also install in data centers and other industrial areas to control the temperature of the area. As compared to other techniques, these techniques are less noisy to maintain the temperature of the functional area.

The Air door curtains are low-cost solutions to maintain the temperature, be it cold or hot. Those industries, who consider about the high temperature in their working places, these curtains can come in handy as well. It mostly prevents the dust and other particles exist outside, from entering the enclosed space. These curtains are customized solely according to the requirement of the clients and the place it is installed.  In the recent times, due to low cost and high efficiency, these Air Curtains support a healthy set up to manage the temperature even with the door open, by forming a thin air layer across the doors. The popularity behind the air door curtains are, they can manage both hot and cold air, be it inside or outside the confined area.

The curtains are selected, according to the following term of factors:-

  • To identify the levels of protection, the weather condition of the place need to consider.
  • Need to consider about the air pressure along with the differences between the inside and outside of the location.
  • Check out the position of the door like open, automatic, revolving etc and look into the ventilation and air conditioning of the building.
  • Verify the availability of voltage and electrical power to connect the several doors of the building in the same, different and opposite direction.
  • Recognize the type of business, style, and decoration of the premises.
  • The height of the installation of the curtains is measured from the discharge diffuser to the floor, the width of the door etc.

The Air Curtain supports the temperature of the room, which allows people to move rooms without any hindrance. The food handlers use the air curtains to improve hygienic or sanitation levels and advanced customer satisfaction. These are also used to control insects, climatic conditions, fumes, and humidity in a very significant and proficient way. These curtains also successfully recover stratified heat, retain heat in the ovens, and control air movements within the building and their popularity are on the go because of its massive advantages.

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