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Recessed Air Curtains for Businesses

Recessed Air Curtains for Businesses

Air Door Distributors’ recessed air curtains offer many aesthetic advantages for businesses

Air Door Distributors recessed air curtains offer many advantages

If you are looking for a way to maintain a comfortable temperature at your business but are concerned about aesthetics, a recessed air curtain is the ideal solution. Air curtains are a popular way to create an air seal in doorways that keep contaminates from moving from one space to another and serve as a way to control temperature inside of a residence or business. Air curtains are often found in place of vestibules and are found inside grocery stores, condos, hospitals and retail businesses. In short, they create an engineered stream of air that seals one environment from another.

Air curtains have proven to be a less expensive way to maintain air control than vestibules but they are often thought to be intrusive and unappealing. Enter the recessed air curtain. Recessed air curtains are simply a mechanism that allows for a more aesthetically pleasing way to reap all of the benefits of an air curtain. The recessed air curtain is placed into ceiling tiles so it is completely invisible to the unknowing eye and out of the way offering a completely unobstructed and unintrusive view.

When it comes to choosing the right air door curtain, there are things to consider but when searching for something that will allow businesses to operate in an undisturbed environment, the recessed air curtain offers many advantages leading it to be the ideal solution.

So, what are the aesthetic benefits of recessed air door curtains?

  • Recessed air curtains provide an unobstructed view without impacting aesthetics. Businesses are drawn to the use of recessed air curtains because they provide all of the benefits of an air curtain without interfering with the ambiance and atmosphere they are trying to create for customers. We all know how annoying it can be to be seated near a restaurant door when the temps are below freezing. A recessed air curtain allows for business owners to keep outside elements – like freezing air – out.
  • Recessed air curtains are a space saver. Not only does this type of air curtain provide an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to remain intact, the actual placement of the air curtain in the ceiling tiles allows for them to be placed over any and every door. One of the biggest appeals to air curtains is the ability to completely seal off outside air from inside air without taking up the valuable space of what a vestibule would take.
  • Recessed air curtains offer a cleaner indoor air environment. Businesses like restaurants and condos are afforded the ability to open their doors and windows to the outside while keeping air contaminates and bugs on the outside. Mosquitos and flies are known to swarm and annoy but with the help of a recessed air curtain those pesky bugs are kept outside where they belong.
  • Recessed air curtains are more economical and aesthetically pleasing than vestibules. Recessed air curtains were approved as an alternative to vestibules in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the 2015 International Green Code Construction (IgCC) in large part to the air curtains ability to provide an unobstructed emergency exit as well as a providing a quicker way for traffic to pass through. Recessed air curtains are also a better solution to vestibules because of their energy saving abilities in the heating and cooling season. Vestibules still allow unwanted air and contaminates to enter and circulate through a building while the powerful winds of an air curtain prevent the unwanted air from entering at all.
  • Recessed air curtains can be used in abundance. Thanks to the size and placement of recessed air curtains, they can be placed over every door. Restaurant owners, for instance, can place them in the ceiling tiles over the front door to keep cold air from entering in the winter months, while also having them over the doors to the patio area to prevent hot air from entering during the summer patio season.

Recessed air curtains allow the aesthetics of a building to remain unhindered and can truly help set the tone of a building. The ability to maintain appealing temperature levels, reduce contaminates and bug intrusion, and to be completely hidden offer a unique and easy way to maintain an appealing interior. While the benefits to your customers may be unseen, they do not go unfelt.

Recessed air curtains provide ample benefits to business owners alike, and thanks to the energy saving abilities, recessed air curtains are also a green product that qualify for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Are you ready to improve air quality and energy savings in your business? Consider a recessed air curtain above your doors. Air Door Distributors is ready to assist you in determining the appropriate Phantom Air Curtain for your business. Call today at 866-402-1642 or fill our contact form.