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Main Types of Heated Air Curtains | Indoor Climate Control | Air Doors

Main Types of Heated Air Curtains

Air Curtains are Available in 3 Main Heating Types

Air curtains are a highly beneficial device to business and building facilities all around the country. From their ability to repel insects to the proficiency in maintaining a desired indoor temperature, the advantages cannot be beat. A heated air curtain can create a uniquely clean, inviting and warm atmosphere for businesses that will gain the attention of any guests who comes through the door. Heated air curtains normally come in three heating types including gas-fired air curtains, electric heated air curtains, and hydronic heated air curtains (hot water / steam heated).

What is a heated air curtain?

An air curtain is a device that is mounted above door thresholds that intakes indoor air and pushes it in a strong, downward direction towards the floor. When installed correctly, an air curtain can create a complete and invisible seal across the door that prevents unwanted substances or weather from entering all while helping to create a stable environment inside.

There is a great amount of options available when faced with the decision to choose an air curtain for your place of business and it can often be an overwhelming task. When you consider what is available, the options can be seemingly endless and knowing what options are available, the device’s functions and capabilities are important.

Types of Heated Air Curtains

There are three main types of heated air curtains to consider, including gas-fired, electric, or hydronic.

  • Electric. Electric air curtains simply run on electricity like many other appliances you may already be using. While these air curtains do run on electricity, they can still work to help reduce your overall energy usage as they require less energy to run than a traditional heater will. They will also prevent cold air from finding its way in and help to maintain a stable interior temperature which will, in the end, lessen the work for your traditional heater.
  • Hydronic (steam or hot water). The definition of hydronic is essentially a heating system in which heat is transported using circulating water. Hydronic air curtains use steam and hot water coils to emit heated air. These types of air curtains are extremely energy efficient as they can tap into an already existing source, however these are highly specialized. Hydronic air curtains are often found in New York and Chicago and in places like hospitals.
  • Gas Fired. Gas fired air curtains gain their heating by means of natural gas or propane. These types of air curtains are commonly found in warehouses and other large facilities.

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Know the Difference

Deciding to go with a heated air curtain verses an unheated air curtain is also a decision to consider. Standard air curtains are typically used in areas where the chill is necessary to maintain, consider the produce section at your local grocery store, for example. Heated air curtains are commonly found in places where an unwanted chill might occur. Air curtains are known to be 80% – 90% efficient.

Did you know?

Heated air curtains not the same thing as a space heater. A space heater works to heat a small area. A heated air curtain simply emits a strong, engineered force of warm air along a door threshold that works to prevent the entry of outside air, contaminants, dust, and flying insects.

How to decide which type of heated air curtain to install?

Deciding which type of heated air curtain to install in your business can be a tricky task but going in prepared will help make sure your purchase is the right one.

  • What type of heating are you already using? It will often be recommended that you use the same type of heating element that your facility is already using. Knowing this ahead of time will help determine if this is the right choice for you. While it may be suggested that you venture down a different path, know your options before making a final decision.
  • Consult with the experts. Call and ask questions. If you are unsure of the type of air curtain you should install, always seek wise counsel from an expert. Air Door Distributors is equipped with experts who can help you determine if you need a heated device, which type of heat is most beneficial to your facility, and which model is best suited for your needs.

Heated air curtains offer so many benefits to the businesses in which they are installed. When considering installing one, it is important to weigh your options and know exactly what is available and what is best suited for the space you are installing.

Are you considering adding a heated air door to a threshold of your business? The experts at Air Door Distributors are ready to assist you in determining the appropriate air curtain for your specific business and needs. Call today at 866-402-1642 or fill our contact form.