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Maintain a Stable Interior Temperature with a Heated Air Door Curtain

Maintain a Stable Interior Temperature with a Heated Air Door Curtain

How a heated air door curtain can help you maintain a stable interior temperature

When running a business, the environment you set will determine the comfortability of employees and customers alike. Their comfort is often attributed to how hard they work for you and to whether or not they will return as a customer or guest.

In these cooler winter months, it seems that all brick and mortar businesses are fighting to maintain a stable interior temperature while being forced to fight the outside temperatures from invading the cozy, comfortable environment they seek to create.

With the addition of a heated air curtain, the ability to maintain a steady temperature inside of your establishment is not only achievable but it can also be done in a simple, hands-free way that leaves you free to tend to other business matters.

What is a heated air door curtain?

A heated air door, or often referred to as a heated air curtain, is not actually a door at all. It is a device that is placed above the threshold of a door that intakes air from an interior space and forces heated air in a strong, downward motion from the top of a door’s entry to the floor. This strong force of air is credited with the ability to stop the transfer of air that moves from outside to inside and visa-versa.

Did you know

An overhead heater is not the same thing as a heated air curtain. According to Wikipedia, “The main differences are:

  • Air doors are designed to fully cover the width of a doorway, whereas over-door heaters may be too narrow.
  • The fans in an air door are powerful enough to provide an air stream to project across the whole doorway opening. Over-door heaters may have less powerful fans.
  • The discharge nozzle on an air door is optimized to provide a uniform air stream across the whole width of the doorway, which may not be the case with over-door heaters.”

Benefits of Maintaining Stable Interior Temperatures

Air curtains stop the transfer of cold air at the threshold of your door helping to keep the desired temperature inside steady. This can lead to a wealth of benefits not only to a business owner but to employees and customer as well.

  • Lower energy usage and costs. Maintaining a steady temperature leads to lower energy usage and lower costs by lessening the work a traditional heater would otherwise have to perform.
  • Take the chill out of the air. Adding a heated air curtain to all entry doors will help keep the chill from winter weather from creeping in upon your employees and guests by eliminating its means of entry.
  • Happier environment. Nothing is more satisfying than escaping frigid temperatures and entering into a warm room. Customers will feel comfortable and more likely to stay longer than they would if they were being constantly met with an unwanted chill.
  • Easy to maintain. With just a simple, occasional filter change, air curtains are relatively easy to maintain.

Who can benefit from heated air curtains?

Heated air curtains come in a variety of sizes and can be used to benefit a variety of business.

  • Loading docks are busy places full of hard working employees, but hard work often slows down when temperatures drop. A heated air curtain will help keep employees warm and less likely to get sick.
  • Building Lobbies. Building lobbies are a great place to add a heated air curtain for the winter months. As doors tend to open and close in a constant flow, building lobbies are often cold spaces. By adding a heated air curtain, the chilly air will be unable to enter, leaving the space warm and inviting.
  • The addition of a heated air in a restaurant is such a beneficial addition! This small, unintrusive and often unnoticeable device has a unique ability to allow dining patrons the enjoyment of dining in a warm space while still being able to enjoy the outdoor areas that restaurants often seek to make aesthetically pleasing.
  • Coffee Houses. Coffee houses are oftentimes smaller spaces, leaving them to take in quite a bit of colder temperatures each time their door opens. The addition of a heated air curtain will help create a warm, inviting environment for guests. When customers are comfortable, they are more likely to stay longer and return again.

Heated air curtains are a benefit to nearly any business that installs them. They can create and maintain a stable environment for your customers and employees all while adding to your savings.

If you are looking to maintain a stable interior temperature for your business during these cold winter months, the experts at Air Door Distributors are ready to assist you in determining the appropriate air curtain for your specific business and needs, whatever they may be. Call today at 866-402-1642 or fill our contact form.