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How to Clean Your Air Curtain - Air Door Distributors

How to Clean Your Air Curtain

how to clean your air curtain

Keeping your air curtain squeaky clean can quickly fall to the end of your priority list. After all, with only air flowing through it, how dirty can an air curtain get? Dirt, dust, mold, and other particles can quickly build up in your air curtain. Air Door Distributors knows how to clean your specific air curtain model. They know the ins and outs of all air curtains.

In order to maintain its efficiency, your curtain requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the type, style, size, and physical environment, an air curtain may need to be cleaned anywhere from once every six months to every two weeks. A clean air curtain will save you money and potential headaches.

Your air door could end up with mold and other contaminants built up both inside and outside of the air curtain. These contaminants could not only hinder the performance of your curtain, but they could also pose a health risk to both your employees and customers. Not to mention that the air that the curtain expels could start to smell, depending on how dirty the curtain is. A bad stench will surely stop customers from coming in your front door.

If you live in a humid environment, the air in your environment will contain a lot of moisture. When that air makes contact with the cold surfaces of the air curtain, the moisture in the air turns into water, which will then sit on the surface. Over time the water can cause mold issues if your curtain is not regularly cleaned. Mold has a host of dangerous issues that you and your business will pay the price for.

To understand why you have to clean your air curtain so often it might be helpful to understand how your air curtain works in the first place:

Once you properly install and turn on your air curtain, air will subsequently be brought into the curtain through the intake passage. Once the air enters the fan housing, it will be accelerated and move through the plenum, which is a pathway for the air that has just been accelerated. The air will then be evenly distributed and airfoil-shaped vanes in the nozzle will create a consistent and powerful stream of air. Surprisingly, 80% of the air that leaves the curtain actually goes back into the air curtain. That air will pick up more dust and other particles and create a cycle of dirt and dust.

Now let’s get down into the actual cleaning of your air curtain and how to get all of that gunk out:

Generally, it is a very simple task to clean an air curtain. In some models you can simply unscrew a filter and run the filter under some hot water. That water will clean all the dust and particles off of the filer. Then all you have to do is screw the filter back into the curtain.

In other models, it is not that simple. Industrial air curtains are much more robust and can have multiple motors and fans. This makes cleaning them much more complicated and more time consuming.

To start cleaning an industrial air curtain, make sure that the power connected to the curtain is off. Communicate to your employees and management that the air curtain will be down for cleaning during this time.

Remove the air intake grille or bottom access panel –– depending on the model of the curtain –– in order to access the blower housing and motor. There will be built-up dust, dirt, and other particles. Usually using a vacuum, cotton, or microfiber cloth is good enough to wipe down the curtain parts. In some cases it may be necessary to scrape the buildup off of the curtain (if it has not been cleaned for a long period of time). Make sure that you dry off the curtain completely after cleaning to ensure that there is no mold buildup.

Do not use a solvent-based cleaner. This type of cleaner could damage the integrity of the material that your air cleaner is made of. Use a combination of water paired with a cleaner that has a bit of bleach in it. This should clean the all of the debris off of the curtain. If there is an oily or greasy substance built up on the curtain, you may need to use a detergent to remove this layer. Never mix ammonia and bleach as a cleaner. As many of you are aware, this combination produces chlorine gas, which can be deadly in large quantities.

Consult your air curtain operations manual for a step-by-step walkthrough on how you can clean out your specific air curtain. Can’t find your manual? Air Door Distributors has air curtain operation manuals posted right on their website. Contact us at 866-402-1642 or fill out our online contact form if you have any questions about your air curtains.