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How the Food Service Industry Can Utilize Air Curtains | Air Doors

How the Food Service Industry Can Utilize Air Curtains

Success in food service requires both careful management and the ability to offer customers something different. Could an air curtain contribute to helping your business succeed on both those fronts? At first glance, it might not seem like the type of technology that could have a significant impact on your business. Upon a closer examination, however, it becomes easier to see that air curtains offer several distinct advantages when used in a food service setting. Consider what this cousin to the revolving door can provide on three different fronts.

Improve comfort for guests indoors

First, an air door installed at your main entrance can offer some of the most immediately noticeable benefits. The gentle flow of air from the unit will keep the air inside you’ve already paid to cool down to stay where it is, minimizing the amount that rushes out when patrons enter. Instead of constantly cycling the AC to replace air lost in this way, the curtain maintains a better indoor atmosphere with consistency. Some air doors allow you to opt for blowing warm air instead of using the cooled interior air. In the winter, this offers an incredible “creature comfort” for patrons. As they enter and feel a warm atmosphere, they will immediately feel more at home. Of course, air curtains keep flying insects at bay, too — a must for any restaurant.

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Protect your chilled product

Air doors also work exceptionally well when installed over the entrance to a walk-in freezer or refrigerator. Keeping product at the right temperature is essential to avoid spoilage, so maintaining an even temperature is even more critical in this space. With an air curtain in place, staff could safely leave the door to the walk-in open for short periods of time, such as when stocking fresh product or preparing for service. By splitting the air with a controlled downward flow, only a minimal amount of the stifling air from the kitchen can enter the walk-in. Even then, it won’t penetrate very far — and neither will dust and other airborne contaminants.

Lower HVAC costs across the board

Now, consider that air curtains can, in fact, help you save money, in addition, to providing comfort for your guests and the right kind of storage for your product. It makes sense: less air lost through doors means less time running the AC or the dedicated chiller for your walk-in, which translates into less electricity used. This solution yields a reliable way to make your business “greener” regarding energy consumption while also saving money in a critical area.

With this in mind, it becomes clearer that food service operations both large and small can see real results with an air curtain installation. At Air Door Distributors, we offer you the opportunity to tap into our years of experience as you consider these products and how they can work for you. Learn about which types of air curtains work best in which situations, or share your questions when you contact us today.