How Air Doors Can Help Keep Your Work Environment Clean

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Maintaining a healthy and clean work environment is not only important for your well-being, but for the overall success of your business as well. It can be an overwhelming task to ensure that everything is perfectly clean and organized every day. Air doors can help contribute to the cleanliness of your workplace. Most business owners and managers never even think of utilizing air doors in this capacity. 

Shockingly, indoor air can have more pollutants than outside air if the air is not maintained properly. As most Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, the quality of air and a clean work environment is more important than ever. An air door can make a drastic difference in the quality of air and keep pollutants out of the office air.  

Air Door Distributors have the best available air doors that will ensure your work environment remains spotless. Our experts can help you choose an air door that will keep all dirt and grime out. But, why are air doors so good at improving the cleanliness of a workplace? Let’s dive in and get educated about air doors and maintaining a clean workplace. 

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Air doors create a constant flow of air in any entranceway of a place of business. That means there will always be a stream blocking air from coming from outside. This will prevent a wide variety of foreign agents from entering your business. Air doors can be placed in windows, doors, garage doors, and any other entrance you can imagine. Keeping your organization clean as a whistle by utilizing an air door will lead to a number of benefits. 

Air doors are actually recommended by ANSI/NSF Standard 37: Air Curtains for Entranceways in Food and Food Service Establishments to help keep insects out of restaurants. No one wants to have a bug fly right into their food or drink. Thankfully, air doors are able to repel the insect and keep your restaurant or place of business free of most annoying bugs. This will help keep customers coming back as your restaurant will be free of insects. 

An employee that is working in a cleaner work environment will be more productive. They will not have to spend as much time in the office cleaning. They will be able to concentrate on their jobs. Students and workers were found to have a 2% to 8% decrease in productivity when working in an unclean environment. Your cleaning crew will be happier as well. They will not have to clean as much dirt, dust, and grime. A square foot of carpet can accumulate up to a pound of dirt each year. 

Creating a cleaner work environment will encourage employees to develop better organizational habits. A less cluttered desk and office has been shown by researchers to reduce office worker stress. Organizations can actually lose $2.5 million each year by having cluttered desks and offices. Setting the tone for your employees by installing an air door will lead them to an overall cleaner workplace. 

The air is full of germs, diseases, and bacteria. Preventing outside air from entering your workplace can prevent infectious and contagious diseases from taking hold in your organization. Communicable diseases like the common cold, influenza and tuberculosis will be able to spread more effectively without a proper air door. Sick days can cost companies millions of dollars. Improving the air quality by installing an air door is an easy solution to reduce employee sick days. 

If there is an unpleasant smell such as sewage or heavy construction going on outside of your place of business, an air door can stop it from protruding in through your door. Nothing will have a customer turn around faster and leave than a bad smell. The air door will ensure that your customers will be able to truly enjoy their time at your place of business. 

An air door could potentially keep toxic fumes out of a building. The constant flow of air will help prevent the fumes from entering your business, which could get an employee or customer sick. 

Not only will your work environment be cleaner, but an air door can potentially fight against fires and smoke. Air doors could be a barrier against fumes and smoke passing from one part of the building to another. Saving employee and customer lives is priceless. 

Air Door Distributors has all of the air curtains to meet your organization’s needs. Your workplace will be cleaner than ever before while enjoying all of the other numerous benefits that air curtains offer. Investing in an air door is a fantastic way to complement the rest of your workplace and keep everything clean. Contact us today 866-402-1642 at or fill out our online contact form and we can help you find the perfect air door solution for your company.

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