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Flies Driving You Up the Wall? Consider an Air Curtain Solution

consider an air curtain solution to your fly problemsFew things are as instantly repulsive as the sight of flies buzzing around the inside of a business. That’s why many go to great lengths to ensure these pests do not make it into the building, especially in food service locations where the sight of flies can drive away customers and repel employees. It’s not always as easy as it sounds based on the range of methods flies use to make their way inside. Most commonly, staff entering and exiting the back doors of the restaurant, often to dispose of garbage, create the most significant opportunities for flies to get inside.

Have you faced a consistent issue with flying insects that you can’t seem to eliminate? Installing an air curtain over your doors could finally solve the problem.

An invisible barrier flies can’t penetrate

Why an air curtain and not another solution, like a screen door or hanging plastic sheets? Neither of those options provides a guarantee flying insects won’t be able to get past the barrier they provide. Doors still need to be opened, and hanging protection impedes movement without delivering much deterrent. An air curtain cuts down on flies by using their environment against them—no pesticides required!

The erratic in-flight movements flies make show how quickly the wind buffets them and throws them off course. An air curtain delivers a high-powered jet of air straight forward, splitting the interior and the exterior of the building. People can easily walk through it, but a fly that attempts to cross the threshold will find itself blown back away from the door. The same goes for other small flying bugs such as mosquitoes. Because the curtain activates as soon as the door opens and shuts off when it’s closed, there’s never a moment when flies can sneak in and colonize your clean spaces.

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Air curtains do more than stop flying insects

Solving the problem of flies in your building is simple with one of these devices. Air curtains can also provide benefits not just for your staff in the back but also for patrons or visitors out front. Air curtains powerfully keep cold air indoors. In the height of the summer, you’ve already paid to cool the air inside once. Why pay over and over again as that cool air zips out of your doors? Save money and satisfy customers at the same time by using an air curtain to curtail both flies and the seasonal loss of hot and cold air.

Maintain an environment in your food service establishment that promotes cleanliness and comfort. With the benefits air curtains bring, including their ability to control flying insects, restaurant owners can solve multiple problems at once. At Air Door Distributors, extensive industry experience informs our ability to guide clients through the selection process to choose the ideal unit for installation on their premises. To find out more about applications for air curtains in your building or to begin the purchasing process, reach out to us now.

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Fly Prevention Via Air Curtain

Imagine being seated at your favorite restaurant for a long-awaited night out. Your food arrives and as your mouth begins to water, you notice a not so welcomed visitor on your $45 steak.

Flies have a way of finding themselves in the least tolerable place at the worst time. They are attracted to our food sources but their buzzing around dining patrons or even in the back kitchen of your busy restaurant is certainly not good for business. Restaurants spend thousands of dollars every year fighting off these pesky insects, but here lies the problem: more often than not, restaurants are fighting flies off once they are already inside the dining room or kitchen. The key is to prevent them from entering in the first place. But how do you go about accomplishing that in an effective and cost-efficient manner?

Adding an Air Curtain

Air curtains are highly effective in fly and insect control. An air curtain manufactured specifically for insect control can be mounted above exterior doors for a cost-effective means of keeping those disgusting creatures where they belong – outside of your restaurant. The way it works is simple: air curtains release a strong, engineered force of air in a downward motion along the threshold of a door. The force of the air stream is too strong for a fly to pass through, thus preventing them from entering. Many times, restaurants owners use devices that allow flies to enter the premises and then try to attack from there. Why allow them to come in the first place?

Using an air curtain to keep flies out can prevent a number of problems caused by these harassing insects.

Filthy Flies

According to the Consumerist, in a recent study done by pest-control company Orkin, “Orkin surveyed 300 people [PDF], with sixty-one-percent responding that they’d drop their forks on seeing a cockroach at a restaurant, while only three-percent would do so at the sight of a fly, reports USA Today.”

Orkin cautions that maybe we should be a bit more repelled by these filthy creatures.

“Many restaurant patrons may not be aware that houseflies are twice as filthy as cockroaches,” Orkin entomologist and Technical Services Director Ron Harrison, Ph.D., said in a press release about the survey. “It’s important that everyone understands the magnitude of the health threats flies pose so that they can help prevent the transmission of dangerous diseases and bacteria.”

Did you know?

Orkin points out that flies carry communicable disease around on their legs and mouths, after the females lay eggs on gross stuff like rotting food, feces and roadkill. With a single flight break, flies can land on your food dropping diseases from their legs and the little hairs on their bodies, straight to the food you consume, the utensil you use, or the glass from which you sip.

Why an air curtain?

Air curtains provide a valuable service to all businesses for a variety of reasons. Their functions, success rate and sheer ability to save money make these useful tools worth the small investment.

  • Nip it in the bud. Sure, there are varying ways to fend off flies but majority of those options invite the flies inside before remedying the problem. But why would you invite these heinous, disease-carrying insects into your restaurant knowing what you now know about them? The force of air streamed from an air curtain is stronger than what a fly is capable of passing through. This prevents them from coming into your dining area in the first place. If, by chance, one or two happens to sneak by when the curtain is shut off, it makes ridding your restaurant of them far easier.
  • Bonus Features. One great bonus of these air curtains designed to deter insects is that the force of air is often a huge turn-off for other rodents like rats and mice. These rodents simply do not like the force of air on their fur and will avoid putting themselves through it.
  • Cost Savings. The great thing about an air curtain is that it is a one-time investment and, as long as the machine is properly maintained, these machines tend to have a long lifespan. Air curtains have the ability to save restaurant owners money on insect control because infestation is prevented. Air curtains offer a unique way to separate two environments, be it inside and outside or kitchen to dining room. This unique ability allows for a huge amount of energy savings as well. The air stream keeps the inside of your restaurant at a stable and constant temperature while forcing the outside air to stay outside. By separating these environments, your energy usage will drop resulting in a lower bill each month. This savings will quickly add up to the cost of your air curtain

Air curtains offer so many benefits to all business owners but they are highly successful in helping restaurants with pest control and the ability to keep flies out of their dining rooms.

Are you fighting flies or preventing the entry of flies in your restaurant? Consider adding an air curtain to help keep flies out of your dining room. Choosing the right machine is essential to successfully keeping flies at bay. The experts at Air Door Distributors are ready to assist you in determining the appropriate air curtain for your specific business and needs. Call today at 866-402-1642, click for a live chat or simply fill out our contact form and we will get you the air curtain to best fit your needs.

Fly and Insect Control with Air Curtain

restaurant fly controlFly and pest control is an issue that all businesses face, especially restaurants and other businesses in the food service industries. To the detriment of many businesses, flies and other pests are extremely dirty creatures with the ability to transmit a variety of dangerous diseases and bacteria that are potentially harmful to your employees and customers.

The battle over keeping flies and other pests out of your way can be endless without the right solution, but what is the right choice? Two of the most commonly thought of pest control tools include the use of air curtains and the use of insect lights. Which is the best for you?

How an Air Curtain Keeps Pests at Bay

There are many types of air curtains that are manufactured for a variety of purposes, they are not all the same but they can be highly effective in fly and insect control. An air curtain manufactured specifically for insect control can be mounted above exterior doors for a cost-effective means to keep pests and flies at bay.

The way it works is simple: air curtains release a strong, engineered force of air in a downward motion along the threshold of a door. The force of the air stream is too strong for a fly to pass through, thus preventing them from entering. There are smaller air curtains that are specifically manufactured to handle smaller insects like flies and gnats, as well as a variety of larger air curtains that are geared to tackle larger pests.

How an Insect Light Works to Distract Pests

According to 1000Bulbs, insect lights work when a wavelength of a light source decreases and its color temperature increases.

“Low color temperatures are red-yellow and exhibit a long wavelength, while high color temperatures are blue-violet and exhibit a short wavelength. By coloring a bulb yellow, then, the manufacturer has decreased the color temperature and in doing so increased the wavelength into a spectrum unseen by insects.”

Insect lights can be fairly successful in pest and insect control, the problem is that not all bugs and insects are the same and, therefore, they are not all attracted to the same color or wavelength of light.

According to Pest Control Technology, “While insect light traps (ILT), glue boards and electrocuting devices will always be irreplaceable reactive approaches after flying insects infiltrate a space, the air curtain is a proactive method that prevents airborne pests from entering in the first place.”

Picture This…

Imagine a baseball field. When a ball is headed toward home plate, what is the first line of defense to stop the ball? The catcher. This is your air curtain. It is there to stop the ball, or pest in our case, from getting through. Now, say the ball gets past the catcher, there is a second line of defense: the fence. This is your secondary items like your insect lights. They do fight against flies and pests; however, the flies have to enter and our goal is to prevent that. As mentioned above, this is a reactive defense mechanism as opposed to a proactive defense that prevents the pests and flies from entering in the first place.

Why an air curtain?

Air curtains serve many purposes, including pest and insect control.

  • Fly and Pest Control. Simply put, the force of air streamed from an air curtain is stronger than what a fly or small pest is capable of passing through. With a variety of options to select from, there is the potential and opportunity to fend off a variety of pests in a proactive and successful manner.
  • Cost Savings. One of the greatest things about air curtains is their ability to save business owners money in a variety of aspects, the most sought-after savings being energy. The wind created by an air curtain creates a separation between two environments that keeps outside air and its contaminants from entering the inside area. This allows you to be in better control of your energy usage.
  • Less Maintenance. Air curtains are significantly less maintenance than other forms of pest control. They can be purchased and installed for an extremely reasonable price and maintained with very little attention. On the contrary, other forms of pest control call for weekly and sometimes daily attention.

air curtain purchasing criteria

Air curtains offer so many benefits and are the first line of defense against pests, flies and other insects.

Are you looking to improve your pest and fly control systems? Consider adding an air curtain to help keep them away from your business. By selecting the right air curtain, you can successfully keeping flies at bay. The experts at Air Door Distributors are ready to assist you in determining the appropriate air curtain for your specific business and needs. Call today at 866-402-1642, click for a live chat or simply fill out our contact form and we will get you the air curtain to best fit your needs.

Choosing the Right Air Curtain: Insect Control vs. Climate Control

  air curtains for insect control vs climate controlHow to decide if your air curtain should assist with insect control or climate control

The addition of an air curtain is a great benefit to any business. With an effective means to control temperatures and fight insects, it is no wonder why the popularity of air curtains is ever increasing. Depending on the type of business you run and the needs you may face, the type of air curtain you will best benefit from may vary.

One of the first steps to selecting an air curtain is deciding which application best fits your business. Are you looking mainly for climate control or for insect control? These are the two main functions provided by an air curtain and knowing your main goals will help you and your sales consultant determine exactly which type of air curtain is best suited to fit that specific need.

Air Curtains for Insect Control

The use of an air curtain for insect control is highly beneficial and just as successful. The way it works is simple: a strong force of engineered air is drawn from the interior air and released from the air curtain, which is placed above the threshold of your entry, in a downward motion. That force of air is too strong for the majority of flying insects to pass through. It is said that of all the insects that approach an air curtain, less than .01-percent will find a point of successful entry.

Did you know?

The California Health and Safety Code has mandated air curtains for more than 15 years on back doors and receiving doors of all food-service establishments. This is not limited to just restaurants but also to hotels, convenient stores and any other facility that serves or packages food.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) also encourages the use of air curtains for meat and poultry establishments.

Who can benefit from insect control?

While most companies don’t want flying insects in their workspace, there is definitely a group who would benefit greater than the average business establishment.

  • Fast Food Companies
  • Sport Stadium Concessions
  • Restaurant Receiving Doors
  • Food Service Warehouses

Climate Control

The second function available in air curtains is used in helping business owners gain a full grasp of climate control on their interior spaces.

The way it works is similar to the way an air curtain designed for insect control will work, however the force of air is not as strong. Air curtains are known to greatly assist in maintaining a controlled interior environment by pulling interior air through the air curtain and releasing it into a strong force of air from the threshold of a door, forcing the outside air and its contaminants to stay where they belong – outside of your establishment.

Adequately maintaining interior temperatures is highly valuable to employees, customers and your bottom line. When interior air is forced to constantly battle outside air, this forces your air conditioner or heater to work in overdrive, thus resulting in higher energy usage and costs. Air curtains stop the transfer or air, be it hot or cold, to keep your desired temperature steady throughout your interior space. A steady temperature leads to lower energy usage and lower costs.

When the desired temperature is maintained throughout your business, it also helps keep your employees, customers and visitors warm and comfortable by using an air curtain to keep the outdoor air from invading your interior space.

Who can benefit from climate controlled air curtains?

Air curtains used for climate control are relatively quiet and can often even be hidden.

  • Warehouses
  • Building Lobbies
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Houses
  • Hospitals

air curtain purchasing criteria

Know the Difference

When deciding on an air curtain for your facility, it is important to know your needs but it is also equally important to be versed in the capabilities of the air curtain you are considering. Air curtains are highly beneficial but they come in a range of options, applications and functions – it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of purchase.

  • Insect control curtains will require a stronger force of air than a curtain used to maintain climate control. Flying insects can be harder to fight off forcing a stronger application of air to be necessary.
  • An air curtain used for climate control will not release a force strong enough to fight off as many insects as one made specifically for that task. However, these are often fairly quite devices that can be added to a variety of thresholds without being noticed.

The truth is, no matter your place of business, the use of an air curtain is always beneficial. Fighting mother nature to her pesky insects is only the beginning of the long list of benefits air curtains can provide for your business.

Have you decided which type of air curtain will best fit your needs? If you are looking to fight off flying insects or to maintain better temperature control in your place of business, the experts at Air Door Distributors are ready to assist you in determining the appropriate air curtain for your specific business and its needs, whatever they may be. Call today at 866-402-1642 or fill our contact form.

National Sanitation Foundation and Commercial Fly Control

air curtains are the perfect commercial fly control solution for restaurantsWhile you can certainly expect to encounter some flies when enjoying food outside during warm temperatures, no one welcomes the sight of those annoying and elusive insects indoors. It’s unnerving, unhealthy, and irritating. If you run any kind of commercial business where customers and vendors frequent and employees regularly work – whether a local eatery, a national food chain, a warehouse, or an office building – you do not want your business to be rumored as being an unsanitary, fly-infested facility. And it doesn’t take an army of flies to turn customers away; one or two of these relentless insects zooming around a diner’s table all evening is enough to stop the patrons from coming back or referring anyone to your establishment. Fortunately, there is a solution and it’s recommended by an industry watchdog.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF International) — an independent, not-for-profit organization founded in the mid-1940s, has developed standards to address and resolve the problem of flies in food service establishments. Committed to being the world’s provider of public health and safety-based risk management solutions, NSF International set the bar for the materials, the design, the construction, and the performance required for approval of air curtains placed in food establishments. The Mars line of air curtains that are designed for commercial businesses meet NSF International’s criteria for approval in eateries and other food service establishments; Mars’ products do a phenomenal job of keeping patrons, employees, and business owners comfortable inside while keeping flies out. Here’s why every food and food service establishment must be a no-fly zone:

Flies explore and eat gross things.

Flies walk on, explore, and eat the fecal matter of deer, dogs, cattle, raccoons, squirrels, and all of the other creatures — great and small — that defecate outdoors. They dine on discharges from an animal’s open wounds and sores. They feast on carcasses, rotting fruit, and other decaying organic matter.

Flies hang out in bad neighborhoods.

Anywhere garbage, filth, and decay exist, you’ll find flies. From atop the belly of a roadkill to your big trash dumpsters behind your restaurant and the garbage cans inside your kitchen (when the back door is left open), flies are attracted to smelly, rotting matter.

Flies spread germs and bacteria.

It should be no surprise that flies spread the germs they carry from one landing spot to another. As a result, they easily transmit many diseases to human beings; these include everything from typhoid fever, dysentery, and cholera, to leprosy and tuberculosis.

Flies fly.

If these incessant flies got around by crawling, perhaps what they ate and where they hung out wouldn’t be so unnerving. The fact is, however, that they are quick, and fast, and fly – thus making it highly probably that they’ll eventually land on a customer’s silverware, plate, table, and menu. They’ll quickly find their way around your kitchen, including landing in sauces, soups, and salads without notice. Once a fly’s filth-covered feet land on something one of your customer’s is eating, you can count on a call from that client the next day, a bad review, or never seeing that customer again because they got a foodborne illness hours after eating your establishment’s fly-tainted food.

Flies first “throw up” on the “food” they are about to eat.

Since their stomach acids break down food matter to make it viable for them to suck up their feasts through their straw-like mouths, flies first regurgitate their stomach contents onto whatever “food” they are about to eat.

Flies can make your establishment fail its inspection.

While a few flies alone may not cause your eatery to get an “F” from the local health inspector, the sight of the insects will lower your overall grade – potentially damaging the chance of repeat business and/or brand new patrons. If your restaurant is already insect-free, the health inspector will look closely to see how you are able to accomplish that feat. Are you using dangerous pesticides? Do you have unsightly sticky strips hanging on your doorways? Or do you have a NSF International-approved Mars Air Curtain discreetly and properly installed in your restaurant?

NSF International-approved Mars Air Curtains have adjustable louvers at the air intake component. This feature enables them to provide optimum operating efficiency 24/7 at your food service establishment. In fact, when the Air Curtains are positioned over refrigeration doors, they can be adjusted to regulate both the velocity and the volume of air — right at the air outlet. As a result, this forms an air “barrier” and instantly balances the cold air inside the refrigerator with the warm air outside. When used as a barrier to keep flies and other insects out of your kitchen’s refrigerators, the louvers can be set at the maximum open position; the full volume of air will create a colder and stronger barrier.

If you have any additional questions about air curtains and commercial fly control, feel free to reach out to us at 866-402-1642 or fill out our online contact form.