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5 Benefits of Air Doors for Restaurants | Air Door Distributors

5 Benefits of Air Doors for Restaurants

air doors for restaurantsFew businesses can benefit from air doors as much as restaurants. Every restaurant is trying to create a particular atmosphere and ambiance for their guests. Sometimes, the vibe is that of a fancy, upscale restaurant. Sometimes, it’s of a fun, loud, celebratory bar-like place. Either way, some things can tarnish this carefully curated atmosphere, thereby affecting a customer’s experience. Here are five ways in which air doors can prevent that from happening:

  1. Insect control: In the spring and summer, it’s all too easy for flies, gnats, fruit flies, mosquitos, and other winged insects to make their way into your restaurant. At best, these pests are annoying. No one wants an insect buzzing around their head while they are trying to eat. At worst, insects can ruin food and pose a health risk. Pests in the kitchen can contaminate dishes and compromise the quality of the food you serve. It’s also scientifically proven that fruit flies landing in wine change the flavor and effectively ruin the beverage. Air doors disorient flying pests and knock them out of the air, keeping them out of your establishment even if the door is wide open.
  2. Sanitation: Flies aren’t the only things from outdoors that can compromise the sanitation of a restaurant. Fumes and dust from the street can also affect food quality and air quality. Odors wafting into your restaurant from outside can damage the vibe you’ve worked hard to curate, while dust or dirt in the food can ruin a guest’s entire experience and preclude them from returning in the future. Air doors act as a barrier to unwanted debris, thereby protecting your restaurant from fumes and dust alike.
  3. Creature comfort: In the summer, your guests might be flocking to your restaurant in part so they can enjoy a meal in an air-conditioned space. In the winter, a cozy and well-heated dining establishment can offer a much-needed refuge from the cold. Still, other guests going in and out the front door can create warm or cold drafts through the restaurant, reducing creature comfort and detracting from the overall guest experience. Air doors prevent this kind of heat transfer, leading to a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for all your guests.
  4. Energy savings: The other benefit to cutting down on heat transfer is that doing so will reduce your energy bills. Every time a hot or cold draft blows through your restaurant, it requires your HVAC system to work a little harder to retain a consistent temperature. With an air door, this problem is less pronounced—something you will notice in the form of lower heating or cooling bills.
  5. Environmental control: By definition, a restaurant needs to be a controlled environment. In the dining room, you want to control the ambiance and as much of the guest experience as possible. In the kitchen, you want to maintain the cleanliness and overall safety of the food prep process. Environmental control on this scale is difficult to achieve—at least until you trim unpredictable outdoor variables from the equation. By blocking insects, dust, fumes, and warm or cold air, an air door is key to achieving true environmental control in a restaurant.

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