Air Doors Aren’t a Gimmick — Here’s Why You Should Seriously Consider Them

As a business owner, you’re likely no stranger to the hard sell from B2B providers that want to convince you they have the killer product that will make a big difference to your business. One only needs to hear that kind of sales pitch so many times before doubt and skepticism become normal parts of your reaction. However, there truly are some things you can change that can make a difference both in the short- and the long term — and air doors, also known as air curtains, are one of those things.

Far from a gimmick or an unproven technology, air doors are indeed a well-established technology with a wide range of applications, suitable for everyone from the owner of the small café to the manager of a massive warehouse. A recognized alternative to vestibules; air doors can help you control the interior climate of your building, keep the indoor air cleaner, and much more. Take a moment to read more about why air doors aren’t gimmicky, but a worthwhile investment for your business. 

1. Air Doors Are a Viable Vestibule Alternative

For decades, the vestibule was the go-to solution for isolating climate zones, ensuring energy efficiency, and promoting occupant comfort within buildings. A simple unconditioned space between the indoors and outdoors, vestibules take up valuable real estate space that could, with the right solution, be reclaimed or re-purposed. With recent revisions to energy codes, including the IECC, air curtains have become a recognized alternative to vestibules. By using a powerful sheet of air that is gentle to people walking through it, hot or cold air from outside is prevented from mixing with the interior air. The result, in many cases, is the ability to eliminate or reduce vestibules without a measurable impact in lost efficiency. For new construction projects, air doors allow you to save a substantial amount of money that would otherwise be spent on vestibule construction. 

2. Air Doors Keep You and Your Customers More Comfortable

Since the air door creates separation between spaces, it means your HVAC system needs to run less often. Not only does that equal less wear and tear, but it also means far fewer fluctuations in the interior temperature of the space during the day. Consider a convenience store, for example. In the morning, when business is slow, the AC system cools the entire area to a comfortable temperature. Around lunch time, the constant flow of people in and out of the building creates a great deal of air mixing, which raises the interior temperature — and causes your HVAC system to struggle to keep up with demand. The result is a space that experiences peaks and valleys in its temperature, rather than an even level throughout the day. 

3. Air Doors Have a Real Impact on Energy Efficiency

Now consider the effects beyond comfort. When you’re able to smooth out temperature changes and eliminate those peaks and valleys, what is the result? Simple: your AC unit does not need to turn on and operate nearly as often. Instead, it only needs to run occasionally as the temperature in the space rises naturally. Again, this equates to less money spent on maintenance — but also less money spent on electricity. Without troublesome short cycling or heavy periods of operation to cool a steadily warming space, you’ll find your monthly and annual energy bills decline quickly — ultimately, air doors pay for themselves with a relatively quick turnaround time. 

4. Air Doors Are a Versatile Solution Adaptable to Many Scenarios

Air doors work incredibly well in small applications, such as for cafés, restaurants, and grocery stores, but they scale up to massive applications, too. From keeping warehouse workers warm in the winter by covering the loading dock door with an air curtain to using specialized units for killing bacteria and sanitizing the air in hospitals, air curtains are easily adaptable to suit a variety of needs. This adaptability is one of the biggest reasons why this technology is no gimmick — manufacturers continue to innovate to find ways for clients like you to take full advantage of their power. 

Discover How to Adapt Air Doors to Suit Your Business Today

If air doors are a gimmick, then they must be one of the most useful contrivances ever devised given the many advantages described above. The truth is, though, air curtains are simply a highly useful tool that businesses of all stripes can use to their advantage with the right choice and proper installation. Air Door Distributors has over 20 years of experience helping our customers find the best air curtain for their business. You can consult our professionals at 866-402-1642 or by filling out our online contact form now to determine the type and model of air curtain that is best for you.

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