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Air Curtain 101: The Vital Facts to Know | Air Door Distributors

Air Curtain 101: The Vital Facts to Know

air curtains for restaurants climate control vs insect controlWhat is an air curtain? Merely going by the name alone isn’t necessarily enough to give you a satisfactory answer. After all, how could a curtain be made of air — and how could it have a positive impact on your business, anyway? Answering those questions requires taking a closer look at this exciting technology and how it has found a variety of practical uses across many industries. Take a moment to run through this crash course on the essential facts to understand about air curtains.

What are air curtains, and how do they work?

Called “air doors” by some, an air curtain is a device, typically mounted horizontally above a door, that uses the power of forced air to preserve the indoor atmosphere. An intake pulls in air from the interior of a building, a fan blows the air downward. As this stream of air hits the ground, it splits in two directions — one going outdoors, and the other rushing back inside. This breaks down to about 20% and 80%, respectively. In this manner, an air curtain can create an invisible barrier that prevents climate-controlled interior air from escaping and exterior air from entering.

Where can I use air curtains?

Practically anywhere. Wherever a business faces a need to preserve and separate the air in one space from another, air curtains thrive. They offer just as much utility in a food service setting as they do in a large warehouse. In the latter example, a large air curtain could allow a tall and wide warehouse door to remain open at length. Workers inside remain comfortably isolated from the warmer (or colder) air outdoors or can pass unobstructed between different warehouse zones. Meanwhile, a restaurant might choose to employ a curtain to prop open their door and put out a sign without inviting flies or mosquitoes in for a meal at the same time.

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Which businesses can benefit the most?

The versatility inherent in air curtains, from adjustable airflow to units big enough for large entryways, means that many companies can find them to be a cost-effective investment. The two examples above are merely a scratch on the surface of the possibilities. Consider that by employing air curtains you not only gain control over the interior climate but in doing so, you can also reduce electrical costs alongside wear and tear on your AC units. Plus, minimal maintenance costs over the lifetime of air curtain units contribute to their value. Typically, regular cleaning is all an air door will need to stay in good operating condition.

With convenient benefits, these products can deliver transformative effects when dealing with indoor climate regulation. At Air Door Distributors, we are always happy to field questions from consumers curious about all the potential benefits and applications of this mature technology. To find out how an air curtain can fit in with your business, send us a message to learn more today.